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In the Beginning

In 2009 I started researching for a small companion dog that was non-shedding to sleep with my son, who at the time was allergic to fur. I began searching the web and came across a tri-colored Yorkie.

The photo of this beautiful dog (at the time called the Biewer Yorkshire Terrier a La Pom-Pon) caught my attention and I was hooked. The first Biewer I purchased was Cedron. He sadly passed away last year at the age of 14, but I am beyond grateful for all the joy and love this boy gave to my family and I. I showed Cedron in IABCA, the rare breed shows at the time. There were very few Biewer Terriers being shown and many people were intrigued by this spunky little tri-colored dog in ring. Cedron went on to receive his national and international championship titles along with several best-of-breeds and rare-breed best-in-show.

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our first biewer terrier cedron

Our First Biewer Terrier

Later, Cedron fathered several litters of beautiful little Biewer Terrier puppies, which are in loving homes today and still keep in touch with me regularly. During his young years, Cedron was my registered service dog and accompanied me everywhere. I sure miss those days. Cedron has slowed down with his age, and I tell people now that I am his service person. I continue my love for the Biewer with Cedron at my side...literally (he sits in a doggie high chair harnessed next to me as I type this). I am always researching pedigrees and learning in my goal to improve my breeding program. My passion is sharing my love for the beautiful Biewer Terrier.